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Carin Baker



Born in South Africa, I studied jewellery design and manufacture in Cape Town.

Photography runs in my family.  My mom lent me her half frame Olympus film camera while I was studying.

I've always loved capturing beautiful landscapes and exploring nature.  Observing the fine detail of jewellery led me to macro photography, where I turned my focus on the natural world.


I left South Africa in 2014 and went on a 3 month road trip from Canada down to San Diego and back up again. Visiting various national and state parks along the way. Camping to keep the cost down. I fell in love with travel and adventure. I moved to the French Alps where I learned to ski and loved the hiking and rock climbing there. Which lead me to Scotland to qualify as a guide. I went to the Dolomites to get experience. I find myself in the Lake district, dabbling in jewellery again, still exploring the mountains and woodlands, surrounded by inspiration.

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